Saturday, June 6, 2009


i love working with art. once again he's made me look cool. lol. i had a great time working with art, mark and diem. it helps that they're already friends of mine, but they're a talented group regardless. mark helped me style for this shoot since we both fell inlove with the fashion when we were in tokyo. we wanted to bring a little of that into the look we were going for and i think everything pulled together quite nicely. i wish i could wear these outfits everyday. haha. diem did an awesome job with my makeup. i was a little hesitant at first to do the whole anime look but i fell inlove with it as the shoot progressed. it's kind of fun to play a different role. very lady gaga of me, don't you think? we're working on the video of what went down on set of the shoot on "behind the scenes" episode #6. (i hope you guys are keeping up with the episodes on youtube!)... but here's a preview of some of the pics. uneditted, of course.

have a great weekend everyone! <3, michelle


man, i miss live blogging. i hadn't done it for awhile but after my last session, i think i'm going to start doing it more often. thanks to everyone who came into my room to participate. we had a party in there... shout out to krystle cruz, timothy delaghetto, erika david, kat badar, wicked spitz, mindpower mikko and everyone else who joined in on the fun. 'til next time...


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