Saturday, February 27, 2010

what's the kinkiest thing you've done out in public? at home/private?

sang naked. the shower. haha.

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Advice for a struggling musician trying to get his band/name out there?

i have a few:

1) work hard. practice and be confident in knowing your act has really got it together. and keep practicing because you can always get better.

2) don't take things too personal. whether it comes to auditions, comments or anything music related. sometimes, you're just not what they're looking for or your music may not be for everyone. don't take it personal. just move on to the next opportunity. you'll get a million NOs, but all it takes is ONE yes.

3) write down why you're doing music in the first place and put it up on a wall. if you're a group, do it all together. that way if you're having a hard day or you guys start fighting, you can look at the wall as a reminder that nothing can stop you from your dreams'.

4) lastly, network. this business is all about who you know.

i could give you more, but i'd be here forever. so i hope those few helped. good luck!

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i want to put it in ur butt...


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Its not a question, but I love your song Euphoria! Keep it up :) You're doing great!

yay! thank you. i appreciate that! <3

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i dont have a question but i do want to tell you that i love your music! and i love how you're not a stuck up youtube star (i've met a few) and you're definitely not one! admire that about you!

awww. that is SO sweet. i really appreciate when fans tell me that because it reminds why i've gotten so far. because of supporters like you. words like yours remind me to stay humble and thankful for any kind of support. so thank you again! <3

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How many songs did u sell on iTunes already ?? Lol

didn't think i'd sell that much cause i'm still up and coming. but it's been a pretty good amount. keep spreading the word that it's out on itunes and!!!! =)

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do you do DJ Drops for dj's?

yes of course! email me at with your info! i'd be more than happy to make you a drop!

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are you in the music biz for the money or for music as an art form of expression ?

i'm definitely into the business because being an entertainer is my true happiness. i love music. listening to it, performing it and watching others perform it. music and my struggle in it has gotten me through life as a stronger person and more driven in life. but if i were to say that i'm not in it for money, that would be a complete lie. i want to be able to pay my bills, live a comfortable life, take care of my family and still have money left over to help the less fortunate. i'm not looking to be rich just to buy a million prada bags. i'm just looking to be able to make money doing something i truly love.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

How many songs do you record a week and do you write your own songs?

yes, i write my own songs. i collaborate with a lot of producers on most of my songs, but there are times where i'm so inspired to write the whole thing by myself. i'm actually a college student and i travel a lot for singing, so recording every week is out of the question. i record for weekends at a time, 12 hour days and 3-4 songs at a time. that's usually how i have to record these days with all that i have going on. but if i could be in the studio every week, i'd be one happy camper. =)

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What's your favorite song to sing?

man, this is a tough one to answer. there's so many. really i have no answer to this cause i sing thousands of songs... but what i can say is, i sing songs as therapy. whatever i feel, i sing that type of song. there's moments when i've sang so much cause i was so happy and times when i've sang myself to tears to get over something. either way, music gets me through life. <3

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i love ur single omfg

yay! thank you! stay tuned for the music video coming next month. gonna be HOT!

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What skincare do you use? Your skin looks hella smooth and flawlesss.

aww thanks. well for one, i'm no longer in my teen years. haha. so it helps that i'm pretty much over puberty. but i do still get occasional spots of acne here and there. so to prevent that, i use nuetrogena's acne stress control facewash at night and dr. belo's pore minimizing whitening facewash in the morning. i use two different kinds cause my skin reacts when i use the same thing over and over. the acne stress wash takes off my makeup and keeps the pimples away; and the pore minimizing wash evens out my skin tone and makes sure my pores don't clog up. i also moisturize A LOT cause i have really dry skin. (best after the shower when your pores are still open) i use cetaphil's moisturizing creme. NOT the lotion, the creme is much thicker. you can find all of these at your local drug store except the face wash from dr. belo. it's a special skincare line from the philippines. i'm pretty sure you can find them at most asian grocery stores though. wash your face EVERY NIGHT (even though i'm guilty of just going straight to sleep some nights haha) and drink lots of water. stay healthy too. no smoking or drinking too much. all that goes into how i take care of my skin and myself!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I downloaded your single on itunes & I hella love it. I've listened to it 64 times this past week. Lol.

yaaaay. i love hearing from fans that enjoy what i do. i appreciate you taking the time to tell me that. love ya!

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hey i saw your tweet about elco on twitter... ur performance was great at the rally, and i have your parents consent to marry you... now theres just the question if YOU wanna marry me? please?

lol. well, do you have a job? hopes? aspirations? i need a stable man in my life. ;)

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you're very welcome. best of luck!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! i was gonna make u a video singing to you, but idk if u'd watch it =P but HAPPY BIRTHDAY=]

thaaank you. of course i would watch it! i watch and read everything my fans send me. :)

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Thanks for accepting my request on facebook and Twitter !!! I know that u put out ur first single (i like it). Are you working on a album ??

you're very welcome. i AM currently working on my album. i'm so excited for you guys to hear what i've been so busy working on. it will be out before the summer hits!

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Will you marry me? :)

did you ask my parents for my hand in marriage first? :)

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MICHELLE! I'M SUCH A HUGE FAN! Your song 'Euphoria' is hella good! When are you going to have a performance in daly city, california? You sing hella good; like you're raw! Haha. I'll always be a fan of you! Can't wait to hear your next single! :D

aww thank you so much. i actually just had a gig in daly city. i'm sorry you missed it. but i still do a lot of shows in the bay. please please follow me on twitter and facebook to get my show updates. i'd love to have you at a show. thank you again for all the support!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hi meesh! Tell everyone 5 things u want to accomplish in 2010! Btw miss u mucho

1) release my debut album.
2) touch a fan's life.
3) make a TV, radio and magazine appearance.
4) get consistant airplay on the radio.
5) catch a break that will pay me enough to allow my parents to retire.

hi lee. miss you too! :)

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Oh, a musical inspiration?

the biggest musical inspirations in my life splits between two people. mariah carey when i was younger and beyonce now. both women have taken their career and reputation seriously and strive for excellence and it shows in the amount of awards, fans and career milestones that they have reached. i pray and work to one day become an icon just like them.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I saw you at the american idol auditions 2 years ago, you need to try out again and show them wassup!

i think american idol hates me. i've tried out 5 seasons in a row. :(

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Not a question but i just admire everything about you! Your whole persona is exactly what i strive to be in this crazy world. You're one of a kind and i'll definately support you all the way! =)- a fellow Michelle ;)

Hi Michelle. That's so sweet. It definitely is a crazy world, but taking it in stride and balance is the key. I'm grateful for your support and people like you!

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hi meesh, its mario... and i love everything u doing and u deserve EVERYTHING that is coming towards u and everything in the future cant wait til ur a star, ur beautiful and talented, wat more can people ask for? :)

hi mario. thank you so much for the kind words. i wish everyone thought like you. lol. take care, god bless. <3

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U have a amazing talent ! Don't ever stop chasing your dream ! You have a beautful voice! Goodluck :)

thank you so much! it's encouraging words like yours that make me realize that my voice and music reaches people and that my dreams can and WILL come true. :) sending you love. <3

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Are you planning to out do pinay, oneVoice, and jocelyn enriquez success in the music business? being pinay it must be hard since mainstream radio isn't ready for a asian voice, what aRe your plans to make it?

pinay, oneVoice, jocelyn enriquez and a few other pinay artists have definitely paved a way for me in the music business, but it's still extremely hard to make it and be taken seriously as an artist who is Asian. mainstream radio isn't ready for an Asian voice, but mainstream radio is always ready for great music.

i make music and work with a team that is highly professional. we work hard and put the dedication into making sure our work is up to par. you can't hide professionalism and i've been blessed with a team of people who have already worked with mainstream artists and know what they're doing. also, i myself, try to hone my skill day by day. i know there's always room for improvement from me and that's something i think shows in my performance. practice, practice, practice.

and lastly, i pray. i know the Lord will bless me when it's my turn. why else would he have given me the talent? if i just continue to work hard and be on top of it all, when He gives me the opportunity to make it, i'll be READY. :)

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Can I get a hug?

sure! if you make it to a show, i'll definitely give you a hug! <3

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What got you to start singing? P.S. you have an amazinggg voice girl! :)

first, thank you for the compliment. secondly, i don't really know what got me into singing. i guess i always had it in me. i started singing when i was two years old and my parents saw my potential when i was very young and enrolled me into voice lessons and i haven't stopped singing since! :)

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I randomly found you on Youtube. You did an Alicia Keys cover. You have such a great voice. And it's cool to see that you're a Filipina. I'm Chinese and I wanna see more girls out there (beside Black and White and sumtimes Spanish) doing their thang!!!

thanks girl. i appreciate the compliment! don't worry, an Asian wave is coming in the industry. haha. continue to support the artists who are paving the way! :)

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If offered one million dollars, would you pose fully nude in Playboy?

hecks no. not for only a million dollars. i'm not gonna say i'll never pose in a magazine of that nature, but i won't ever do it unless it's the right time in my career where i've gained so much respect that people could careless if i'm posing sexy in a magazine. i probably won't ever go fully nude and i especially won't do it unless it's a classy pictorial.

man, i know a magazine is gonna quote me on this in the future, damnit. haha.

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I'm not a hater, but are you crossed eyed? And also, you say you shop a lot for performance clothing but everytime I see you, you're always in the same Jack, shirt, skirt? Like you wear the same things more than once! Are you a repeat type a girl?

hello not a hater,

no i'm not cross eyed. atleast i don't think i am. does it look like i am? (am i guys?) haha.

to answer your question about wearing the same thing more than once... my answer is YES. i do wear the same thing more than once and i know a lot of other artists who do the same. i do shop a lot for performance clothes but i perform, do photoshoots, tape interviews, make appearances and am videotaped A LOT. i definitely am NOT rich off my singing career so i'm not about to spend my life savings on clothes to be worn once and never seen again. unfortunately with people filming my performances now and taking pictures... it's hard not to be seen wearing the a repeat of a skirt or jacket here and there.

now if anyone wants to donate to the Michelle Performance Wardrobe fund, please email me! ( LOL!!!

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