Thursday, August 5, 2010

how tall are you

short and a half. lol.

What do YOU want to know? :)

wahts a street team?

basically my street team would help me promote and build my army strong. lol. they'd let all their friends know about me and my music and be a huge factor in my goal to make it in the mainstream media. as part of my street team, you'd get access to things i'd only share with you guys. (exclusive music, tshirts, posters, show tickets, backstage passes, etc.) if you're interested, email me at

What do YOU want to know? :)

Hello. I went to your website. And I cannot find where I can order or purchase poster, hard copies or cds, etc. Can I get some help?

we had a little trouble getting the albums pressed, but they're finally on their way! starting August 13th, they will be available for sale on thanks for being so patient. love you for the support!

What do YOU want to know? :)

How do you feel about how your album has done?

i am actually pretty happy with the results. doing this all independently, you really end up doing it for your own satisfaction & for the love of music. because Lord knows indie artists just don't get the recognition and promotion they deserve. we've been doing pretty well with digital sales and my physical copies (which i know a lot of people are waiting for) aren't even out yet. so i'm really excited to go out to my shows and start selling the hard copies. people's responses are really more than i even expected. overall, i'm very proud and blessed to even have a fanbase to present my album to. :)

What do YOU want to know? :)

You have 3 minutes to run out of your house thats on fire. You have enough time to gather 3 things and only 3 things, but everything electronix is too hot to grab. What would you bring and why? What would be the hardest thing to let go?

1) the DVD of my cotillion (which is this huge 18th birthday celebration normally given to daughters in the filipino culture). it has footage of all my family and closest friends on a really special day that i never want to forget.

2) my jewelry box: it has my mom's ring in it, the gold watch & bracelet my dad gave me & a necklace from a special someone.

3) a copy of my album: worked too hard to let that shizz burn. lol.

What do YOU want to know? :)