Sunday, December 14, 2008


drunkness at club asia. misa campo.meesh martinez.krystle cruz.--> aquarius lovers. :)

ok, ok i'm sorry. i know ya'll have been telling me to update my blog. but laggin' seems to be my thing these days when i'm not training. tiredness doesn't even come close.

i've uploaded a lot of pics and videos though, finally. but the big day is on thursday. so after that, i'm all yours. i'll be headed to the philippines with A LOT of free time on my hands. so you'll have enough blogs to read to last you all winter break. deal? DEAL.

i hope everyone's holiday season is festive and full of love, laughter and blessings. 'til next time...

<3, meesh a.k.a. みしぇる(mi-she-ru)

Monday, November 24, 2008


that's a quote my stepdad always used to say to me. never really thought much of it until today. i was walking home after taking the subway after 4 hours of dance classes. it was raining. very cold. slightly windy. and my umbrella was doing that thing where it was protecting my face, but for some reason my shoes were still soaked. i was wearing generic Uggs, so waterproof was just out of the question. and i couldn't tell if my socks were just sweaty from dance class or that the rain had just seeped in. i stopped by a 7-11 to pick up "dinner" even though i really wanted the ramen place across the street, but since i wasn't going to be paid again until the 8th of next month, i figured a pork bun and cup-o-noodles would suffice. but i was still unbelievably in a good mood. i had my iPod in my ear and i was walking like i had somewhere to be with a 'lil kick in my step.

and it was all cause i was in tokyo working towards my dreams and doing something everyday that i loved...

sounds cliche, i know. but that was the plain honest truth. back home i could barely get out of bed for a 9am class and drive 15 minutes to class or walk down the hill when i was dorming. and now i have to get up early everyday, have 10 hour days, no car, no ride, no parents to ask money from cause i feel like sushi instead of mcdonalds that day. i could barely make it to work on time when i was a manager at Guess even though i lived an exit away. i just wasn't motivated. yet, now i'm on the grind and STILL happy to do it.

you can't believe how tired i am everyday and how much all these strenuous activities have me soaking in the tub almost every night trying to alleviate the pain, but i'm STILL HAPPY. i know this is my job right now, but it's not a job when you're enjoying what you do. i thought these two months of training would take forever, but i've already reached the half way point and i can remember arriving and settling into my new surroundings like it was yesterday.

i guess the lesson for the day is don't settle. you CAN work and actually enjoy it. given, not everyone is lucky to have that opportunity, but my advice is TRY to get to that point in your life. work to get to that point in your life. cause from now on that's what i'm gonna do. i know this opportunity won't last forever, but now that i know what it feels like, i know what i want in life. hopefully you guys find that too.

til next time...


Sunday, November 23, 2008


i'm now on blogTV. please check in periodically. once i find a good time schedule where i can regularly blog i will post it up. i had a blast chatting with all of you guys last night and we even got so many people in there, i became a featured blogger. so *HIGH FIVES* to all of you. thanks so much guys!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


just wanna thank pudgekills for my header. =)

now i'm officially cool. ...i think. =P


konichiwa! ... as you can see from the previous video entry, i'm back in tokyo. it's only been a week and it's all ready been a crucial test on the abilities of my mind, body & spirit. the first couple of days, i actually cried cause i missed my family so much. i would cry like a goober every time i read one of my parents emails. but then i started getting busier and into the groove of things and i'm pretty much getting the hang of tokyo life. it's fast paced and continuously busy. i love it. my kind city.

their subway system is efficient since i don't have a car. (makes me miss my bucket-ass honda back home. haha.) but the walking everywhere is killing me. haha. it doesn't help i'm dancing 4/7 days a week and at training at the gym 3/7 days a week, but i can't wait to be super fit by the time i head back to cali.

i need to learn a japanese song. so if you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment cause i don't even know where to begin looking for a good japanese song. =) thanks! well i'm gonna go lie down now and relax until my next dance class. i'll blog again soon...

love, MEESH


MUCH LOVE TO OUR IFP FAM. visit them at and see what the hype's all about it. miss you guys!! good times. good times.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So I went to L.A. about two weekends ago just so I could hang out and kick it with some of my Socal friends before I headed to JAPAN. (Sorry to those I wasn't able to see.) I really wish I had more time there, but it was a fun trip for the amount of time I had. Just wanna blog to thank Erikaboo & the rest of the gals for letting me ride with em, Marc & DJ Zeb for kickin' it and letting me crash, Drewbyrd & DJ Haylow for coming out & DJ Mike Danger for everything else. I ended up going to Cabana club and saw a bunch of friends so it was a relaxing and let loose weekend before I got back to my crazy work schedule in Tokyo. That's all for now... just saying THANKS AGAIN to my SoCal-ers who always take care of me. Til next time...

THE GIRLS. (dom, me, mel, tricialove & erikaboo.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


thank god. as much as i hate that she can't sing that great, the girl sure knows how to put on a show. gotta give props where it's due.

if you haven't heard...

my audition went really well. =)

and 4 days later... i got the most amazing news.
they liked me & i was chosen to come back.

for two months.

leaving back for tokyo: october 20th.

i am so JUICED.
finally the break i've been waiting for. after hustling for so long. wanting to give up. thinking it would never happen... GOD works in mysterious ways.

NEVER give up on your dreams. NEVER.

i know i've still got a lot work ahead of me before i make it to the big time, but this is a great start... i am ready. i'm soooooo ready.

special thanks to all my friends & fam who've supported me from day one. i'm doing this for you guys too. keep me in your prayers pleeeease. love you. god bless.

- meesh.


Konichwa!! So it’s day 5 of my trip to Japan… and I’m ready to collapse. Haha.

I know some of ya’ll maybe thinking what the hell I’m doing all the way in Tokyo. So to make a long story short, I was discovered on Youtube by Mr. John Seikoon Lee who is a producer for AVEX Music Group. I guess with the boom of talent being found on the internet like Esmee Denters, Tynisha Keli & Cherice Pempengco… they wanted to join in on the fun of discovering new talent. So myself, and four other girls were sent here to train and be overseen by AVEX to evaluate us and determine if we could become artists for their label.

Despite the tiredness, I am having the time of my freakin’ LIFE. Muscles hurt on my body right now that I never even knew I had. I thought I’d be able to blog a lot more than this, but everytime i get back to my room… I just want to relax. Some moments I’m just so exhausted to realize where I am, but then I’ll get a chance to reflect (like in this blog) and think, “Oh my God. I’m actually going for what I’ve been wanting to do my ENTIRE life.” I feel so blessed right now to just have been given this opportunity no matter what the outcome of this trip will be.

AVEX has treated us so well from the moment we stepped off the plane. I wake up & go to sleep in a beautiful hotel with the most amazing view. Eat the BEST JAPANESE food I’ve ever had. (Shit’s on all the sushi joints back home, by the way.)

Train with elite voice and dance coaches in thee most beautiful studios I’ve ever been in. We walk through Tokyo everyday passing Harajuku Street with shopping spots everywhere just taking in the people and their culture. And I’m experiencing it all with some of the nicest staff from AVEX who constantly take care of our every need with four other amazing girls that I’m starting to get really close to, especially my roomie Krystle. She’s kind of my sanity right now because she’s the only other girl from the U.S.; San Diego to be exact. We get along so well, and she’s kinda like my piece of home away from home. =)

Speaking of… it’s time for me to wake her ass up cause we’re running a little late. Thanks for reading today and there’s definitely A LOT more to come. Wish me luck and pray that I make it through the day cause I can barely stand. Haha. Love you guys & I miss everyone back home.



ohayō gozaimasu!!

 hello everyone. so this is my first post (taken from tumblr, remember.) ... coming to you all the way from TOKYO, JAPAN!!  i just wanted to write a quick hello.  i've been wanting to start a blog for awhile, and now that my life is getting a lot more interesting... what better time to start?!  so stay tuned kids... =)

- michelle


Welcome to my world. =)

Photo By: Barney Cruz


to blogspot, that is. =)

wasn't feeling the layout of tumblr. so i decided to move. someone took though. boo her. she's not even using it. BOO her again in capital letters. 

just gonna copy and paste my old blogs from tumblr to here so we can continue from where we started. sound good?! GOOD.