Thursday, November 6, 2008


konichiwa! ... as you can see from the previous video entry, i'm back in tokyo. it's only been a week and it's all ready been a crucial test on the abilities of my mind, body & spirit. the first couple of days, i actually cried cause i missed my family so much. i would cry like a goober every time i read one of my parents emails. but then i started getting busier and into the groove of things and i'm pretty much getting the hang of tokyo life. it's fast paced and continuously busy. i love it. my kind city.

their subway system is efficient since i don't have a car. (makes me miss my bucket-ass honda back home. haha.) but the walking everywhere is killing me. haha. it doesn't help i'm dancing 4/7 days a week and at training at the gym 3/7 days a week, but i can't wait to be super fit by the time i head back to cali.

i need to learn a japanese song. so if you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment cause i don't even know where to begin looking for a good japanese song. =) thanks! well i'm gonna go lie down now and relax until my next dance class. i'll blog again soon...

love, MEESH


Anonymous said...

Hi michelle! Just a recent, new fan of yours. Trusting you'll do well in Tokyo! ;]

I have a japanese song you might like! It's by Yuna Ito called Endless Story. She was also from the US and the song is from the movie NANA. Give it a listen. A slow, bittersweet song with a great melody. (:

wallflower said...

Is training in Japan really hard? It seems so. Lots of debuted artists in Japan went through a lot of hardcore training before they were launched. But you're amazing, I know you could do it.

Anyway, if I read right, you are training for Avex Trax, am I correct? The label Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro and BoA are on? If yes, then wow. Your popularity is nearly sealed.

I just want to ask if you are training for more auditions or are training to be artists already? Because I saw in your myspace that you're leaving Japan before the year ends?

Anyway. I have 4 recommendations for the Japanese song. :]

1. Endless Story by Yuna Ito

=if you prefer doing ballads and the like. It's a nice song and is already popular among Japanese and non-Japanese alike.

2. Soba ni Iru Yo by Thelma Aoyama

=If you're more into a rnb sounding kind of stuff. Be prepared when you click that though. The song is helplessly catchy. It's not surprising if you catch yourself singing or humming it to yourself sooner.

3. Okaeri by Ayaka

= Great song to showcase wonderful vocals. It's a very laidback piece but the kind of song which is more vocal-driven.

4. Jewel Song by BoA

= The song begins with a quiet tone, but by the chorus, the song becomes epic. It is bitersweet but youthful. Great for live performances.

All of these songs are great, and I think they more or less suit your style. I am sorry. I actually typed an essay. :] Anyway, hope to read more blogs from you soon.