Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So I went to L.A. about two weekends ago just so I could hang out and kick it with some of my Socal friends before I headed to JAPAN. (Sorry to those I wasn't able to see.) I really wish I had more time there, but it was a fun trip for the amount of time I had. Just wanna blog to thank Erikaboo & the rest of the gals for letting me ride with em, Marc & DJ Zeb for kickin' it and letting me crash, Drewbyrd & DJ Haylow for coming out & DJ Mike Danger for everything else. I ended up going to Cabana club and saw a bunch of friends so it was a relaxing and let loose weekend before I got back to my crazy work schedule in Tokyo. That's all for now... just saying THANKS AGAIN to my SoCal-ers who always take care of me. Til next time...

THE GIRLS. (dom, me, mel, tricialove & erikaboo.)

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