Friday, September 3, 2010

What are your favorite songs that u have written?

my favorites would have to be "Crushin" and co writing "Adrenaline" off my album. Crushin' is just so fun and playful. I really wanted to showcase my personality and vocal ability with that song. and then for Adrenaline, i was just really going through some tough times. and that song was like my diary. a testimony that love isn't always perfect but that it's powerful enough to get through the storm.

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How did you know you have this talent of yours , and what inspires you with your lyrics ?

i don't really know the moment i realized i had talent. i just remember people enjoying my singing so much. and i was HOOKED. lol. as a little girl, people would ask me to sing all the time! and they'd give me a dollar here and there... and i was like "man, i love this job". haha. but as i grew, it got tougher and a lot more work to "make a buck" in singing. but i never gave up and worked harder than ever; and to this day, i still LOVE it. more than ANYTHING. and i think those are the things that inspire my lyrics. i've grown A LOT since i was that little girl singing at family parties in the living room. i've gone through ups, downs, drama, heartache, fear, failure, triumphs, celebrations, happiness and love. i write what i know or what i've heard from close friends and family. i write what i feel or what i wish i could feel.

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Do you have a part time job other than music?

yup. i am a college student (broadcasting major) and an intern at MYXTv ( i have no idea how i juggle it all, but it's really a lot of fun to study and work in your passion. :)

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Will you ever get braces again? I say this because I noticed your smile in your cameo in the Little Crazed/KC video.

damn. that's some microscopic eyes you got. haha. i wear invisilign to straighten my teeth out again. i had braces before but never wore my retainers enough. that's a lesson for all you out there. wear your retainers cause your teeth WILL move. haha.

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When did you start making you tube videos?

my first REAL youtube video was January 27, 2008. A little over 2 years later, I've done some of thee most amazing things. Sang for the LA Dodgers, SF Giants, been on a college tour, released an album, the list goes on...and I'm about to perform for the NY Mets and at "Live at Best Buy" in New York City. it wasn't all fun and games and it required A LOT of hardwork, disappointment and heartache... but it's the been the best two years of my LIFE! gaining fans and meeting people who truly enjoy my music is the most gratifying thing i could ever ask for.

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