Saturday, November 20, 2010

bullies ruined my life , i became very shy and emotional , its hard to live , when a little thing can make u cry. D u know where they are now ? Have u forgve them ? Do u want to hurt them backk ? Ever wanted ?

i'm sorry to hear that love. i too became very shy and emotional so please know that you're not alone when it comes to bullies. i know there's days where you think it's too hard to live, but remember that the people who bully you find it hard to live too. they are hurting in their own skin and that's why they are lashing out at you. if they make someone else feel bad, they can block whatever problems they face in their own life. that's why the trick is to just ignore their hurtful words and actions and concentrate on becoming a better YOU. the people who bullied me when i was young are no where near in life to where i am today. and that makes me proud that i ignored them, chased my dreams and am now living happy and successfully while they're still stuck being childish. it's because they concentrated on making people's lives miserable instead of concentrating on finding their own happiness that they are where they are today. i've forgiven them a long time ago because i'd like to think that they must of had problems in their life to become a bully. and if i were to hurt them back, then i'd become a bully as well. so i just let it go and lived my life. i hope my words really reach you because i know what it's like to be unpopular and picked on. but don't ever forget you were put on this earth for a reason. and you're a great person. that's why you're hurting when someone is bullying you because you have a kind heart. don't lose sight of that. it get's better over time. just stay strong and keep chasing your dreams. love, michelle

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

hi michelle i wanted to know if u ever been bully in school ? n i jut wondering cuz the bullying subject has been in news for awhile

YES. i was bullied A LOT when i was younger. i was so short and skinny in grade school. i had braces and my mother insisted on giving me these crazy short bangs all the time. i had no style and i was the shyest person alive. i was bulled all through elementary and middle school. even got beat up once.

bullying is NOT A JOKE. luckily, i had VERY involved parents who always encouraged me to tell them what's going on. they would notice when i was acting weird and i even would pretend to be sick so i wouldn't have to face the mean kids at school. they got tired of me trying to skip school all the time, so i had to fess up what was going on. but my parents knew better than to tell the teachers or retaliate on my bulliers. instead, they encouraged me to stay away from them and learn how to ignore such ignorant actions.

my parents had me focus on my great qualities rather than what the bullies were picking on me for-- like my intelligence and my singing. my mom finally encouraged me to sing at our school talent show. and i thought, what the heck? the school can't hate on me more then they already do. haha. so i sang. and all of a sudden people forgot i was that small skinny girl with headgear... and they started remembering me for my voice. :)

BULLIES are just people who don't have enough self esteem in themselves to enjoy life. they NEED to put down others to give themselves importance. if you focus on accentuating YOUR OWN great QUALITIES... those haters will eventually get tired, see they can't break you and MOVE ON.

this was a GREAT question smiley1987, and i hope some people have learned something from my story.<3

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Friday, September 3, 2010

What are your favorite songs that u have written?

my favorites would have to be "Crushin" and co writing "Adrenaline" off my album. Crushin' is just so fun and playful. I really wanted to showcase my personality and vocal ability with that song. and then for Adrenaline, i was just really going through some tough times. and that song was like my diary. a testimony that love isn't always perfect but that it's powerful enough to get through the storm.

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How did you know you have this talent of yours , and what inspires you with your lyrics ?

i don't really know the moment i realized i had talent. i just remember people enjoying my singing so much. and i was HOOKED. lol. as a little girl, people would ask me to sing all the time! and they'd give me a dollar here and there... and i was like "man, i love this job". haha. but as i grew, it got tougher and a lot more work to "make a buck" in singing. but i never gave up and worked harder than ever; and to this day, i still LOVE it. more than ANYTHING. and i think those are the things that inspire my lyrics. i've grown A LOT since i was that little girl singing at family parties in the living room. i've gone through ups, downs, drama, heartache, fear, failure, triumphs, celebrations, happiness and love. i write what i know or what i've heard from close friends and family. i write what i feel or what i wish i could feel.

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Do you have a part time job other than music?

yup. i am a college student (broadcasting major) and an intern at MYXTv ( i have no idea how i juggle it all, but it's really a lot of fun to study and work in your passion. :)

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Will you ever get braces again? I say this because I noticed your smile in your cameo in the Little Crazed/KC video.

damn. that's some microscopic eyes you got. haha. i wear invisilign to straighten my teeth out again. i had braces before but never wore my retainers enough. that's a lesson for all you out there. wear your retainers cause your teeth WILL move. haha.

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When did you start making you tube videos?

my first REAL youtube video was January 27, 2008. A little over 2 years later, I've done some of thee most amazing things. Sang for the LA Dodgers, SF Giants, been on a college tour, released an album, the list goes on...and I'm about to perform for the NY Mets and at "Live at Best Buy" in New York City. it wasn't all fun and games and it required A LOT of hardwork, disappointment and heartache... but it's the been the best two years of my LIFE! gaining fans and meeting people who truly enjoy my music is the most gratifying thing i could ever ask for.

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What Site do yue Use too Edit Yur Videos and how did yue geet discovered Byy All yur Fans x ?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

how tall are you

short and a half. lol.

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wahts a street team?

basically my street team would help me promote and build my army strong. lol. they'd let all their friends know about me and my music and be a huge factor in my goal to make it in the mainstream media. as part of my street team, you'd get access to things i'd only share with you guys. (exclusive music, tshirts, posters, show tickets, backstage passes, etc.) if you're interested, email me at

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Hello. I went to your website. And I cannot find where I can order or purchase poster, hard copies or cds, etc. Can I get some help?

we had a little trouble getting the albums pressed, but they're finally on their way! starting August 13th, they will be available for sale on thanks for being so patient. love you for the support!

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How do you feel about how your album has done?

i am actually pretty happy with the results. doing this all independently, you really end up doing it for your own satisfaction & for the love of music. because Lord knows indie artists just don't get the recognition and promotion they deserve. we've been doing pretty well with digital sales and my physical copies (which i know a lot of people are waiting for) aren't even out yet. so i'm really excited to go out to my shows and start selling the hard copies. people's responses are really more than i even expected. overall, i'm very proud and blessed to even have a fanbase to present my album to. :)

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You have 3 minutes to run out of your house thats on fire. You have enough time to gather 3 things and only 3 things, but everything electronix is too hot to grab. What would you bring and why? What would be the hardest thing to let go?

1) the DVD of my cotillion (which is this huge 18th birthday celebration normally given to daughters in the filipino culture). it has footage of all my family and closest friends on a really special day that i never want to forget.

2) my jewelry box: it has my mom's ring in it, the gold watch & bracelet my dad gave me & a necklace from a special someone.

3) a copy of my album: worked too hard to let that shizz burn. lol.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


CALLIN' ALL MY SUPPORTERS WHO WILL BE IN LA THIS SATURDAY! It's contest time and the rules are simple:
1) Upload a 1 minute youtube video of you SINGING or DANCING to any song on my album.
2) Post it as a video response to this video:
3) Then tweet me your video link! @meeshthesinger

My team will then choose the most impressive/entertaining video and I'll personally hand the winner TWO tickets to this Saturday's show the morning of the event. ONE winner will be chosen, and every entry will receive a personalized postcard from me! Contest ends Friday July 30th at MIDNIGHT, so upload your video NOW!

Show details: Projekt Zoo Presents: "Where the Wild Kings Are" ft. Lil Crazed, Michelle Martinez, Joanlee, Krystle Cruz, Jargon, The Werd & 89!

Contest winner must be from the L.A. area. Travel compensation will NOT be provided, only tickets to the event. Goodluck & have fun with it. Love you guys! :) -Michelle

Friday, June 25, 2010

How did you get involved with music all the way in Japan? And would you do it again?

i was discovered on youtube by Avex, which is a major label in Japan and was given the opportunity to train and audition over there. it was the best experience of my life. although it was really tough at times and tiring, i enjoyed every minute of it. i really missed home sometimes, but i grew so much from being away from my comfort zone and learning to adapt to a new culture. Japan is an amazing place to visit and i would do it again in a heartbeat. <3

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hi michelle i was wondering if i can join ur street team but i dont know how and also im not around the bay area or cali so can i still join

of course you can join my street team. anyone from anywhere can! if you're interested in joining just shoot me an email at :)

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do you only do acoustic? so do you play guitar too or just sing?

i definitely do more than acoustic. i appreciate all kinds of music and acoustic is just a really nice way to showcase your voice on youtube, so that's what i do when i can. i started playing the guitar, but i still got a long way to go in learning it. i play a little piano as well. but to get a real feel for the broad kind of music i make, i hope you'll get a copy of my album releasing JUNE 29. for a snippet of what the album will sound like, listen here: :)

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

How did you get involved in the music business?

i wouldn't say i'm completely in the business just yet. but i'm definitely touching base. honestly, it just took years of paying my dues. i just worked hard on not only my craft, but learning from the people who came before me and those who have already experienced it. i sang anywhere and everywhere... just to be heard. and then i got smart about the business and sought after people who i knew would steer me in the right direction. and here i am today, about to release an album and am blessed to be connected with some great and important people who can help me get to where i want to be with my music. it was hard work and A LOT of disappointments and empty promises, but i NEVER GAVE UP. and still won't. :)

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What would you tell someone who would like to get involved in the music business?

i would say grow a thick skin before you ever step foot it in. cause you will get screwed over so many times and by people you thought had your back. but you have to remember to not take everything so personal because at the end of the day it's a BUSINESS. i would say work hard on your craft and be prepared to always receive criticism, cause even the GREATS had haters. you can always grow in your art and strive to learn new things and become better everyday. make the right choices for YOURSELF and no one else. and make sure, whatever you choose to do to "make it", that you can look back at yourself in the mirror and be proud of who you've become and how you got there. don't be so desperate to make it that you will do anything to move ahead, cause when it's your time to shine, it'll happen for you. and lastly, keep your real friends and family close to you. they will keep you grounded and always advise you with the best intentions. good luck!

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Do you have a job?

as of monday, i will be an intern at MYXtv on Comcast. make sure you check out my upcoming blog on the site! ...but my real job is to perform. i perform pretty much every week and it goes towards paying bills. music is my dream and i'm doing everything i can to really make it in the industry. i love what i do, and it's because of fans like you that i can continue to pursue my dreams. <3

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What is your average day like?

weekdays are usually waking up to emails, bookings and answering fans on my sites when i can. then i either have school or my internship, or head to a meeting, or to the studio to record, or to rehearse for a show... or i just stay home and write songs or record videos. i may do all of those in one day too. haha. then i get home pretty late, unwind, check emails again, read some blogs, then usually fall asleep to whatever show i'm into at the moment. haha

on weekends, i'm usually doing shows. i travel all weekend if its an out of town gig, and i hang out with whoever brought me out to that city and we just have a good time exploring the town after my show. if i'm in the bay area, i usually perform, promote my upcoming album and then hit up whatever afterparty there is for the performance or just chill with the other acts afterwards. sundays, i like to take it easy and hang with my family and loved ones. i usually go out to eat after church and watch a movie.

my days get pretty hectic, but i love what i do and i love meeting new people and fans. i really don't have much time to leisurely hang out with friends and family, which is why i grow so close to the people i work with and other artists. but it's just a temporary sacrifice until i get to where i want to be in life. :)

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do you believe that you are in control of your own destiny? OR do you believe that fate, is the deciding factor if what goes on in life? [ does that make sense? lmk. ]

i think everyone is destined for something. but it's up to us to take the right roads to get there. if you derail, then obviously your destiny is further and further away. i think the only certain thing is when you come and go in this world, but everything else in the middle, is up to you.

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If you had to choose between your career or boyfriend what would you choose and why?

well, i'd like to think this would never be a situation for me. because i'd be completely honest with whoever i'd chose to have a relationship with from the START. my music is my life and i have many goals i want to accomplish before ever settling down. i would never make him chose between me and his career and i'd want him to chase after his dreams as well... so we'd always just work through it. if your boyfriend or girlfriend is making you choose between your school/career and them, then DUMP THEM QUICK! cause if someone really loves you and wants you to be happy, they'd take the extra mile to make it work- even if it'll be inconvenient... because at the end of the day, they can't see themselves with anyone but you. <3

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What would you say to someone who doesn't really have anything going on for them in their life? They are really looking for something to hold on to, to wake up for every morning?

first i'd say pray. to whatever religion they believe in. then i'd say "let it go". cause they're usually holding on to something negative that happened to them or blaming themselves for the position they're in. once they learn to let go and restart their lives, they'll learn to be happy again. that translates into how they act and treat other people, in turn, creating more opportunities for themselves in life. everyone is going to go through a time in their life when they feel NOTHING is going well for them, but it's a shaping of character to get through those tough times and makes the "great times" in our life that much sweeter. <3

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How do you have such a flat tummy?

i don't really. i just know how to pose for pictures. lol. i looooove to eat. but when i really do have to tone up, 40-50 sit ups a day does the trick. i eat whatever i want, but the minute i feel full, i stop. NO SECONDS, and DON'T FINISH THE WHOLE PLATE IF YOU'RE ALREADY FULL. save the rest for later. that is a good way to watch your weight without going on a crazy diet.

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Will your new Album be in stores? Or just on Itunes?

my album will release digitally on June 29th on iTunes and physically copies will follow a week after. you can order on my website and select stores. i'll release the stores as soon as everything is in place. :)

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If you could try any profession, other than your own (or the one you're currently aspiring for), what would it be?

i would have loved to be a pediatrician. i LOVE kids, and at one time i wanted to be a doctor. but, i just don't have it in me to be in school for that long. haha. plus i faint at the sight of blood. :(

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hi i love your singing im jelouse coz ur relli good

awww. thank you. no need to be jealous. i'm sure you're good at something that i suck at. haha.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

im from SF also, what high school did you go to?

el camino high school! go colts!

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What is the biggest risk you have taken?

The biggest risk I've taken was stopping my education to pack up my life to move to Japan for a few months to pursue my music career. It was scary and lonely at times, but I'm glad I did it. I learned so much about not only the industry, but about myself. I grew so much and made bonds with people that can never be broken after going through something so life changing. After all that, it didn't work out the way I wanted, but it was still an experience I'll never forget.

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What inspired you to write "Euphoria"?

"Euphoria" was inspired by a feeling I wish I had. At the time, I was single but had been going in and out of bad relationships or ones that just didn't work out. So I began writing about the kind of relationship I wanted to be in. I sat with my producer and wrote in literally an hour. We recorded it right away and I still smile everytime I hear it.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Which producer would you want to work with when you get famous?


timbaland, stereotypes, polow da don, tricky stewart, pharell williams, david foster, dr. dre, neyo... the list goes on!

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biggest crush in your life?

crush as in someone i like? or crush as in a disappointment in my life?

ok i'll answer both. lol.

biggest crush in my life would probably have to be justin timberlake. more so when i was younger and a huge NSYNC fan, but he's talented, funny and a good person. that's hot.

biggest disappointment in my life: don't have one. i've grown to realize everything in life happens for a reason. if it didn't work out, it's cause it wasn't meant to be.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

what's the kinkiest thing you've done out in public? at home/private?

sang naked. the shower. haha.

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Advice for a struggling musician trying to get his band/name out there?

i have a few:

1) work hard. practice and be confident in knowing your act has really got it together. and keep practicing because you can always get better.

2) don't take things too personal. whether it comes to auditions, comments or anything music related. sometimes, you're just not what they're looking for or your music may not be for everyone. don't take it personal. just move on to the next opportunity. you'll get a million NOs, but all it takes is ONE yes.

3) write down why you're doing music in the first place and put it up on a wall. if you're a group, do it all together. that way if you're having a hard day or you guys start fighting, you can look at the wall as a reminder that nothing can stop you from your dreams'.

4) lastly, network. this business is all about who you know.

i could give you more, but i'd be here forever. so i hope those few helped. good luck!

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i want to put it in ur butt...


What do YOU want to know? :)

Its not a question, but I love your song Euphoria! Keep it up :) You're doing great!

yay! thank you. i appreciate that! <3

What do YOU want to know? :)

i dont have a question but i do want to tell you that i love your music! and i love how you're not a stuck up youtube star (i've met a few) and you're definitely not one! admire that about you!

awww. that is SO sweet. i really appreciate when fans tell me that because it reminds why i've gotten so far. because of supporters like you. words like yours remind me to stay humble and thankful for any kind of support. so thank you again! <3

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How many songs did u sell on iTunes already ?? Lol

didn't think i'd sell that much cause i'm still up and coming. but it's been a pretty good amount. keep spreading the word that it's out on itunes and!!!! =)

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do you do DJ Drops for dj's?

yes of course! email me at with your info! i'd be more than happy to make you a drop!

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are you in the music biz for the money or for music as an art form of expression ?

i'm definitely into the business because being an entertainer is my true happiness. i love music. listening to it, performing it and watching others perform it. music and my struggle in it has gotten me through life as a stronger person and more driven in life. but if i were to say that i'm not in it for money, that would be a complete lie. i want to be able to pay my bills, live a comfortable life, take care of my family and still have money left over to help the less fortunate. i'm not looking to be rich just to buy a million prada bags. i'm just looking to be able to make money doing something i truly love.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

How many songs do you record a week and do you write your own songs?

yes, i write my own songs. i collaborate with a lot of producers on most of my songs, but there are times where i'm so inspired to write the whole thing by myself. i'm actually a college student and i travel a lot for singing, so recording every week is out of the question. i record for weekends at a time, 12 hour days and 3-4 songs at a time. that's usually how i have to record these days with all that i have going on. but if i could be in the studio every week, i'd be one happy camper. =)

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What's your favorite song to sing?

man, this is a tough one to answer. there's so many. really i have no answer to this cause i sing thousands of songs... but what i can say is, i sing songs as therapy. whatever i feel, i sing that type of song. there's moments when i've sang so much cause i was so happy and times when i've sang myself to tears to get over something. either way, music gets me through life. <3

What do YOU want to know? :)

i love ur single omfg

yay! thank you! stay tuned for the music video coming next month. gonna be HOT!

What do YOU want to know? :)

What skincare do you use? Your skin looks hella smooth and flawlesss.

aww thanks. well for one, i'm no longer in my teen years. haha. so it helps that i'm pretty much over puberty. but i do still get occasional spots of acne here and there. so to prevent that, i use nuetrogena's acne stress control facewash at night and dr. belo's pore minimizing whitening facewash in the morning. i use two different kinds cause my skin reacts when i use the same thing over and over. the acne stress wash takes off my makeup and keeps the pimples away; and the pore minimizing wash evens out my skin tone and makes sure my pores don't clog up. i also moisturize A LOT cause i have really dry skin. (best after the shower when your pores are still open) i use cetaphil's moisturizing creme. NOT the lotion, the creme is much thicker. you can find all of these at your local drug store except the face wash from dr. belo. it's a special skincare line from the philippines. i'm pretty sure you can find them at most asian grocery stores though. wash your face EVERY NIGHT (even though i'm guilty of just going straight to sleep some nights haha) and drink lots of water. stay healthy too. no smoking or drinking too much. all that goes into how i take care of my skin and myself!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I downloaded your single on itunes & I hella love it. I've listened to it 64 times this past week. Lol.

yaaaay. i love hearing from fans that enjoy what i do. i appreciate you taking the time to tell me that. love ya!

What do YOU want to know? :)

hey i saw your tweet about elco on twitter... ur performance was great at the rally, and i have your parents consent to marry you... now theres just the question if YOU wanna marry me? please?

lol. well, do you have a job? hopes? aspirations? i need a stable man in my life. ;)

What do YOU want to know? :)


you're very welcome. best of luck!

What do YOU want to know? :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! i was gonna make u a video singing to you, but idk if u'd watch it =P but HAPPY BIRTHDAY=]

thaaank you. of course i would watch it! i watch and read everything my fans send me. :)

What do YOU want to know? :)

Thanks for accepting my request on facebook and Twitter !!! I know that u put out ur first single (i like it). Are you working on a album ??

you're very welcome. i AM currently working on my album. i'm so excited for you guys to hear what i've been so busy working on. it will be out before the summer hits!

What do YOU want to know? :)

Will you marry me? :)

did you ask my parents for my hand in marriage first? :)

What do YOU want to know? :)

MICHELLE! I'M SUCH A HUGE FAN! Your song 'Euphoria' is hella good! When are you going to have a performance in daly city, california? You sing hella good; like you're raw! Haha. I'll always be a fan of you! Can't wait to hear your next single! :D

aww thank you so much. i actually just had a gig in daly city. i'm sorry you missed it. but i still do a lot of shows in the bay. please please follow me on twitter and facebook to get my show updates. i'd love to have you at a show. thank you again for all the support!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hi meesh! Tell everyone 5 things u want to accomplish in 2010! Btw miss u mucho

1) release my debut album.
2) touch a fan's life.
3) make a TV, radio and magazine appearance.
4) get consistant airplay on the radio.
5) catch a break that will pay me enough to allow my parents to retire.

hi lee. miss you too! :)

What do YOU want to know? :)

Oh, a musical inspiration?

the biggest musical inspirations in my life splits between two people. mariah carey when i was younger and beyonce now. both women have taken their career and reputation seriously and strive for excellence and it shows in the amount of awards, fans and career milestones that they have reached. i pray and work to one day become an icon just like them.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I saw you at the american idol auditions 2 years ago, you need to try out again and show them wassup!

i think american idol hates me. i've tried out 5 seasons in a row. :(

What do YOU want to know? :)

Not a question but i just admire everything about you! Your whole persona is exactly what i strive to be in this crazy world. You're one of a kind and i'll definately support you all the way! =)- a fellow Michelle ;)

Hi Michelle. That's so sweet. It definitely is a crazy world, but taking it in stride and balance is the key. I'm grateful for your support and people like you!

What do YOU want to know? :)

hi meesh, its mario... and i love everything u doing and u deserve EVERYTHING that is coming towards u and everything in the future cant wait til ur a star, ur beautiful and talented, wat more can people ask for? :)

hi mario. thank you so much for the kind words. i wish everyone thought like you. lol. take care, god bless. <3

What do YOU want to know? :)

U have a amazing talent ! Don't ever stop chasing your dream ! You have a beautful voice! Goodluck :)

thank you so much! it's encouraging words like yours that make me realize that my voice and music reaches people and that my dreams can and WILL come true. :) sending you love. <3

What do YOU want to know? :)

Are you planning to out do pinay, oneVoice, and jocelyn enriquez success in the music business? being pinay it must be hard since mainstream radio isn't ready for a asian voice, what aRe your plans to make it?

pinay, oneVoice, jocelyn enriquez and a few other pinay artists have definitely paved a way for me in the music business, but it's still extremely hard to make it and be taken seriously as an artist who is Asian. mainstream radio isn't ready for an Asian voice, but mainstream radio is always ready for great music.

i make music and work with a team that is highly professional. we work hard and put the dedication into making sure our work is up to par. you can't hide professionalism and i've been blessed with a team of people who have already worked with mainstream artists and know what they're doing. also, i myself, try to hone my skill day by day. i know there's always room for improvement from me and that's something i think shows in my performance. practice, practice, practice.

and lastly, i pray. i know the Lord will bless me when it's my turn. why else would he have given me the talent? if i just continue to work hard and be on top of it all, when He gives me the opportunity to make it, i'll be READY. :)

What do YOU want to know? :)

Can I get a hug?

sure! if you make it to a show, i'll definitely give you a hug! <3

What do YOU want to know? :)

What got you to start singing? P.S. you have an amazinggg voice girl! :)

first, thank you for the compliment. secondly, i don't really know what got me into singing. i guess i always had it in me. i started singing when i was two years old and my parents saw my potential when i was very young and enrolled me into voice lessons and i haven't stopped singing since! :)

What do YOU want to know? :)

I randomly found you on Youtube. You did an Alicia Keys cover. You have such a great voice. And it's cool to see that you're a Filipina. I'm Chinese and I wanna see more girls out there (beside Black and White and sumtimes Spanish) doing their thang!!!

thanks girl. i appreciate the compliment! don't worry, an Asian wave is coming in the industry. haha. continue to support the artists who are paving the way! :)

What do YOU want to know? :)

If offered one million dollars, would you pose fully nude in Playboy?

hecks no. not for only a million dollars. i'm not gonna say i'll never pose in a magazine of that nature, but i won't ever do it unless it's the right time in my career where i've gained so much respect that people could careless if i'm posing sexy in a magazine. i probably won't ever go fully nude and i especially won't do it unless it's a classy pictorial.

man, i know a magazine is gonna quote me on this in the future, damnit. haha.

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I'm not a hater, but are you crossed eyed? And also, you say you shop a lot for performance clothing but everytime I see you, you're always in the same Jack, shirt, skirt? Like you wear the same things more than once! Are you a repeat type a girl?

hello not a hater,

no i'm not cross eyed. atleast i don't think i am. does it look like i am? (am i guys?) haha.

to answer your question about wearing the same thing more than once... my answer is YES. i do wear the same thing more than once and i know a lot of other artists who do the same. i do shop a lot for performance clothes but i perform, do photoshoots, tape interviews, make appearances and am videotaped A LOT. i definitely am NOT rich off my singing career so i'm not about to spend my life savings on clothes to be worn once and never seen again. unfortunately with people filming my performances now and taking pictures... it's hard not to be seen wearing the a repeat of a skirt or jacket here and there.

now if anyone wants to donate to the Michelle Performance Wardrobe fund, please email me! ( LOL!!!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What color power ranger would you be?

i wanna say pink ranger just cause i looove pink. but i would have to say i'd be the red ranger cause he's the leader. and i like being the leader. LOL.

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So I am currently stationed in Japan and would love for you to come back and perform... Will this happen anytime soon? =]

omg. i'd love to come back to japan. i'm currently finishing up my album to start promoting and touring. i'll definitely do all i can to make it out there!

What do YOU want to know? :)

when will you come to perform here in LA?

i just had a performance in San Diego, but I will be back to So-Cal soon. make sure you FOLLOW ME on twitter ( and become a fan on my facebook fanpage for all the updates!

What do YOU want to know? :)

If someone offered to pay you a few million to be a part of a celebrity scandal that could drastically hurt your fan base and reputation would you do it and take the $$$?!?!

no wayyy. my fans and my reputation are worth way more than a few million dollars. i rather make that money by being loyal to my fans and maintaining a good reputation!

What do YOU want to know? :)

Kobe or Lebron?

kobe. sorry lebron fans.

What do YOU want to know? :)

Is there another way I can see when you perform next besides Twitter/Myspace? I know you perform at clubs but I'm not 21 yet.. but clubs aren't really my thing anyway. I've seen you perform 3 times but never got a chance to meet you. Dope btw, I loved it!

mos definitely. i do events that are also all ages. keep following me on twitter and become a fan on my facebook fanpage for all the updates to my next shows! the next event i can think of that is all ages is the GO!Style Concert on February 5th at the Palace of Fine Arts. visis for info and tickets! hope to see you there!

What do YOU want to know? :)

so i was the girl in tap ex that wanted your autograph but instead got way too shy and my friends chased you down cuz they know how much I LOVE YOU! hahahhahaha. i know this isn't a question, but just wanted to say thank you!=)

awwww. you should of came up to me. i would of loved to meet ya! your friends were very nice! no problem and thank you for all the support! :)

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

haha i love your videos.

thaaaank you. i'm posting a new one tomorrow. stay tuned! :)

What do YOU want to know? :)

why is anthony your bestfriend?

1)cause we have the same drive.
2)cause he throws me the best bday parties. (ahem)
3)cause he used to do funny things on videochat while i was in class and get me in trouble for laughing out loud.

the list goes on....

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If you had a choice of 2 characteristics, which one would you pic? Sexy...Smart...Cute...Funny

easy! smart and funny! cause being funny is CUTE. and being smart is, oh, so, SEXY!

What do YOU want to know? :)

Which did you enjoy most singing the anthem at the Giants or the Dodgers game more and why?

oh man. honestly, this is a tough one. the dodgers game was so memorable because the audience was HUGE and i was called in specially to sing for filipino heritage night, but on the other hand, san francisco is my HOME. it felt so good after years of trying to get the chance to sing the national anthem for my home team. so i really can't pick because both were just amazing experiences for me.

What do YOU want to know? :)

You're from the Bay Area? That's awesome! Where would you live otherwise, though?

well, i LOVE living in the Bay. I know L.A. or N.Y. is probably where I will eventually move to once my music takes me there, but I would love to live in Japan again. Tokyo was thee most amazing place I had ever been to. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to live and start my music career out there and I can't wait to go back and visit!

What do YOU want to know? :)

i love how Erika David keeps in touch with her fans, Do you keep in touch with your fans?

mos definitely. i'm always looking for more ways to reach out to my fans and talk to them. i'll be blogging more on blogTV and you guys can always ask me questions here on FORMSPRING or hit me up on twitter! signup to be apart of my street team if you feel like getting more involved! email :)

What do YOU want to know? :)

How would you describe your sounnnd?

R&B/soulful voice (plus) Pop/Mainstream beats (times) Electro/Dance Vibe (divided by) Emotion/Life Stories = MY SOUND

What do YOU want to know? :)

How would you describe your fashion sense?

eclectic. just like my personality. i love skimming through american, asian and european fashion magazines and taking bits and pieces of ONLY what i like. i'd call my style sexy but definitely NOT slutty. my rule is, show off one asset at a time. (but show A LOT of it off. haha!) ;)

What do YOU want to know? :)

Has anyone thought you were younger than your age?

all the time! no one ever believes i'm my age. i get carded everywhere i go. one time, they asked to see my ID when i was buying movie tickets for a RATED R movie!!! haha. embarassing.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do you have a preference when it comes to guys you date?Because I think you are very pretty=)

first of all, thank you for the compliment. second, i don't really have a preference. i've dated all kinds of guys. but really gets me is their personality and how they treat me, my friends, my family and my music career. if a guy can't handle all that...sorry, he gotta GO. haha.

What do YOU want to know? :)

When was your last relationship?

my last MEANINGFUL relationship was about 2-3 years ago. i think. haha. been so busy throwing myself into my music. :)

What do YOU want to know? :)

If you could pick any 2 of the following movies to buy on DVD, what would they be? 500 Days of Summer, The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past...I'm on an airplane for a medical mission to the Philippines for 15 hours!

omg. definitely get 500 days of summer! it's a great movie. and then, i'd go with the proposal because i think sandra bullock is an amazing actress. i'm sure you'll enjoy both.

good luck on your medical mission. props to you for doing something so selfless! god bless.

What do YOU want to know? :)

when will you and erika david make a song together? u ladies are both beautiful and very talented and future starssss

aww thank you. erika and i will definitely be collabing on her upcoming mixtape. so be on the look out for that.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do you have any tattoos?

none yet. i'm waiting for something really, really significant to happen in my life to tattoo something on me that symbolizes it. :)

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

When can you put up your new song D.A.N.L. ??

it will be a future single. so stay tuned. ;)

What do YOU want to know? :)

Who is your celebrity crush?

trey songz. yum.

What do YOU want to know? :)

Favorite song at the moment?

fireflies- owl city. such a cute song.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

What was the weirdest thing you signed for a fan?

people's arms i think?

oh, one time i signed someone's marc jacobs purse! i was like "are you sure you want me to sign this?" but she was so happy to have me sign it, so i did!

What do you want to know?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm not sure if anyone has asked you already, but what is the Marital Status? lol Oh and if you could perform with any artist in the world, who would it be?

me? married? at 23? married to the game maybe. lol. i got lots of things i want to accomplish before i get wifed up. :)

any artist? ... BEYONCE.

What do you want to know?

Who's your favorite superhero?

my favorite superhero would have to be hello kitty. haha. i know she's not a superhero, but i freakin' love her!

ok, ok. i guess my favorite would have to be spiderman. i wanna swing on his web. ;)

What do you want to know?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Have you ever thought of going on a singing contest like American Idol or something? I'd vote for you hands down :D

i've tried out for American Idol atleast 5 times. guess i'm not what they're looking for. (their loss. heehee.) ;)

What do you want to know?

your a very good singer and was wondering, when ever you get frustrated, what is the one thing that inspires you to keep going and try your hardest?

thank you! when i get really frustrated, i do one of two things. i either watch a live performance of any of my favorite artists and find inspiration to know if i keep going, i can do the same thing they're doing. -OR- i go back and watch old videos of me singing. preferably footage of a live performance so i can hear the crowd's reaction. that is PERFECT drive to remember why you're working so hard in the first place!

What do you want to know?

Do you have any advice for an aspiring Filipino artist as myself?

my biggest advice is to really find out what it takes to be an ARTIST. it's not always as glamorous as it seems. it takes a lot of hard work, commitment and sometimes doing things when you don't feel like it. also, i know it can be tough for filipinos and filipinas to be taken seriously in the industry, but don't be discouraged. talent, determination and ethics will be recognized no matter what ethnicity you are. just hone your skills and practice, practice, practice to be GREAT at what you set out to do! pay your dues, make sure you grow with your talent and learn from anyone and everyone who has something to offer. you can always better yourself with others' advice. (even though you may not want to hear it at the time.) keep performing, get in a studio, see if all the hard work is worth the gratification of your audiences' response. if it is, then you're well on your way! live your dreams and good luck!

What do you want to know?

I went to OSM and was amazed! I'm a friend of Noelle Campos and when she and her friends told me who u were I quickly looked you up on Youtube and was blown away by your talent. I gotta ask, what was your inspiration for "Euphoria"? That song is amazing!

first of all thank you for coming to OSM and supporting the great cause we put on. we raised a lot of $, food and essentials that the victims of the typhoon ondoy needed!

as for my inspiration for "euphoria"- it actually came from true events. most of the lyrics came from things that happened to me and the feelings i got from that person. of course i took the lyrics to another level to capture the pure bliss of being with someone you love, but it definitely stemmed from TRUE EMOTIONS. thank you for the compliment!

p.s. tell noelle "hello" for me.

What do you want to know?

oh thanks for answering! so cool! but do u remember your fans and what not? haha thats kind of creepy but hopefully that question makes sense. LOL =]

yes. of course i remember them! it does get a little confusing, but i definitely try to make it a point to remember my fans. if i forget, just joggle my memory a little and i'm pretty sure i'll recall ya! i LOOOOVE meeting fans!

What do you want to know?

Surely in this business you have your fans and haters. How do you deal with haters and negativity in a positive way?

haters are always going to be there. in a way it makes you want to prove them wrong which is good fuel to the fire. but if i know what they are hating on me is beyond my control, i simply ignore it. hate me or love me, fact is, you KNOW ME. and that's good enough for me cause one of these days i'll do something you absolutely love and may change your mind about me all together! it grounds you to know not everyone loves you or what you do and makes you appreciate the fans you DO have.

What do you want to know?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do you work with people you don't know? Like me? Lol I'm trying to expand

i'm always open to SERIOUS inquiries! email me:!

What do you want to know?

If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

weapons of mass destruction. haha.

but for real though... i'd rid the world of money. then we could all find some peace.

What do you want to know?

What was the best advice you've ever received?

my dad always quotes, "FIND A JOB YOU LOVE, AND YOU'LL NEVER HAVE TO WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE." your dreams. :)

What do you want to know?

What inspired your singing career? (:

i've been singing since i could talk. i'm not sure the exact moment i knew i wanted to become an entertainer because it's all i've ever known. i've been doing it for so long, i don't really see myself doing anything else. but i do know what inspires me to keep going is the AUDIENCE/FANS. if i knew they weren't enjoying my what i do, i'd quit making it my career. there would be no point. but i've been blessed with faith and belief from all my followers in my talent and that inspires me every single day! <3

What do you want to know?

Who are your biggest influences musically? And do you need a drummer for any recording or touring time? ;)

my biggest influences in current music would have to be:
VOCALLY: mariah carey, brian mcknight, alicia keys, tamia and christina aguilera (just to name a few).
IN PERFORMANCE: beyonce, rihanna, lady gaga and shakira.

but i love listening to the oldies like the eagles, natalie cole, whitney houston and etta james to find inspiration in musicality. i listen to all types of music to pull my own style together. i definitely won't claim to love all genres, but i respect them.

and YES, i'm always looking for instrumentalists to play live for me in recordings or during performances. for serious inquiries, email me at :)

What do you want to know?

Do you have any shows in SF any time soon? =/

yes, yes! i have a show at Lot46 in downtown SF on January 16th! it's for the 21+ crowd and it's going to be lots of talent and lots of fun. if you're not old enough to hit the clubs, i'll be performing at the Palace of Fine Arts on February 5th at the Go!Style Concert. for tickets, visit:! for more info on my shows and upcoming events follow me on or become a fan on my facebook fanpage for my updates! hope to see you at a show!

What do you want to know?

hi michelle :)who/what inspires your great sense of style?

i've come into my own fashion by traveling a lot and picking up styles from all the places i've visited. don't be afraid to try new things. if it doesn't work for you, then it doesn't work. but you could be missing out on something that looks absolutely amazing on you if you don't try them out! here's my little secret: i search through Japanese fashion magazines. trust me, they have an AMAZING sense of style!

What do you want to know?

are you single?

of course i'm not single. i'm happily taken... by music. ;)

What do you want to know?

you may not remember me, but you sang to me at the filipino festival at 6flags over the summer. jst wanna say your music is amazing and i'm honored to have met you and be a fan before your fame :D

if i'm not mistaken, this is anderson right? if i am. my bad! haha. but i'm pretty sure i only serenaded one guy during that show. lol. well, whoever you are, thank you so much for following my music and sharing your joy in what i do. i'm so thankful for fans like you. please continue o follow me on my musical journey. hope to see you at another show! take care and god bless!

What do you want to know?