Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are you planning to out do pinay, oneVoice, and jocelyn enriquez success in the music business? being pinay it must be hard since mainstream radio isn't ready for a asian voice, what aRe your plans to make it?

pinay, oneVoice, jocelyn enriquez and a few other pinay artists have definitely paved a way for me in the music business, but it's still extremely hard to make it and be taken seriously as an artist who is Asian. mainstream radio isn't ready for an Asian voice, but mainstream radio is always ready for great music.

i make music and work with a team that is highly professional. we work hard and put the dedication into making sure our work is up to par. you can't hide professionalism and i've been blessed with a team of people who have already worked with mainstream artists and know what they're doing. also, i myself, try to hone my skill day by day. i know there's always room for improvement from me and that's something i think shows in my performance. practice, practice, practice.

and lastly, i pray. i know the Lord will bless me when it's my turn. why else would he have given me the talent? if i just continue to work hard and be on top of it all, when He gives me the opportunity to make it, i'll be READY. :)

What do YOU want to know? :)

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