Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm not a hater, but are you crossed eyed? And also, you say you shop a lot for performance clothing but everytime I see you, you're always in the same Jack, shirt, skirt? Like you wear the same things more than once! Are you a repeat type a girl?

hello not a hater,

no i'm not cross eyed. atleast i don't think i am. does it look like i am? (am i guys?) haha.

to answer your question about wearing the same thing more than once... my answer is YES. i do wear the same thing more than once and i know a lot of other artists who do the same. i do shop a lot for performance clothes but i perform, do photoshoots, tape interviews, make appearances and am videotaped A LOT. i definitely am NOT rich off my singing career so i'm not about to spend my life savings on clothes to be worn once and never seen again. unfortunately with people filming my performances now and taking pictures... it's hard not to be seen wearing the a repeat of a skirt or jacket here and there.

now if anyone wants to donate to the Michelle Performance Wardrobe fund, please email me! ( LOL!!!

What do YOU want to know? :)

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