Friday, June 25, 2010

How did you get involved with music all the way in Japan? And would you do it again?

i was discovered on youtube by Avex, which is a major label in Japan and was given the opportunity to train and audition over there. it was the best experience of my life. although it was really tough at times and tiring, i enjoyed every minute of it. i really missed home sometimes, but i grew so much from being away from my comfort zone and learning to adapt to a new culture. Japan is an amazing place to visit and i would do it again in a heartbeat. <3

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hi michelle i was wondering if i can join ur street team but i dont know how and also im not around the bay area or cali so can i still join

of course you can join my street team. anyone from anywhere can! if you're interested in joining just shoot me an email at :)

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do you only do acoustic? so do you play guitar too or just sing?

i definitely do more than acoustic. i appreciate all kinds of music and acoustic is just a really nice way to showcase your voice on youtube, so that's what i do when i can. i started playing the guitar, but i still got a long way to go in learning it. i play a little piano as well. but to get a real feel for the broad kind of music i make, i hope you'll get a copy of my album releasing JUNE 29. for a snippet of what the album will sound like, listen here: :)

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

How did you get involved in the music business?

i wouldn't say i'm completely in the business just yet. but i'm definitely touching base. honestly, it just took years of paying my dues. i just worked hard on not only my craft, but learning from the people who came before me and those who have already experienced it. i sang anywhere and everywhere... just to be heard. and then i got smart about the business and sought after people who i knew would steer me in the right direction. and here i am today, about to release an album and am blessed to be connected with some great and important people who can help me get to where i want to be with my music. it was hard work and A LOT of disappointments and empty promises, but i NEVER GAVE UP. and still won't. :)

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What would you tell someone who would like to get involved in the music business?

i would say grow a thick skin before you ever step foot it in. cause you will get screwed over so many times and by people you thought had your back. but you have to remember to not take everything so personal because at the end of the day it's a BUSINESS. i would say work hard on your craft and be prepared to always receive criticism, cause even the GREATS had haters. you can always grow in your art and strive to learn new things and become better everyday. make the right choices for YOURSELF and no one else. and make sure, whatever you choose to do to "make it", that you can look back at yourself in the mirror and be proud of who you've become and how you got there. don't be so desperate to make it that you will do anything to move ahead, cause when it's your time to shine, it'll happen for you. and lastly, keep your real friends and family close to you. they will keep you grounded and always advise you with the best intentions. good luck!

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Do you have a job?

as of monday, i will be an intern at MYXtv on Comcast. make sure you check out my upcoming blog on the site! ...but my real job is to perform. i perform pretty much every week and it goes towards paying bills. music is my dream and i'm doing everything i can to really make it in the industry. i love what i do, and it's because of fans like you that i can continue to pursue my dreams. <3

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What is your average day like?

weekdays are usually waking up to emails, bookings and answering fans on my sites when i can. then i either have school or my internship, or head to a meeting, or to the studio to record, or to rehearse for a show... or i just stay home and write songs or record videos. i may do all of those in one day too. haha. then i get home pretty late, unwind, check emails again, read some blogs, then usually fall asleep to whatever show i'm into at the moment. haha

on weekends, i'm usually doing shows. i travel all weekend if its an out of town gig, and i hang out with whoever brought me out to that city and we just have a good time exploring the town after my show. if i'm in the bay area, i usually perform, promote my upcoming album and then hit up whatever afterparty there is for the performance or just chill with the other acts afterwards. sundays, i like to take it easy and hang with my family and loved ones. i usually go out to eat after church and watch a movie.

my days get pretty hectic, but i love what i do and i love meeting new people and fans. i really don't have much time to leisurely hang out with friends and family, which is why i grow so close to the people i work with and other artists. but it's just a temporary sacrifice until i get to where i want to be in life. :)

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do you believe that you are in control of your own destiny? OR do you believe that fate, is the deciding factor if what goes on in life? [ does that make sense? lmk. ]

i think everyone is destined for something. but it's up to us to take the right roads to get there. if you derail, then obviously your destiny is further and further away. i think the only certain thing is when you come and go in this world, but everything else in the middle, is up to you.

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If you had to choose between your career or boyfriend what would you choose and why?

well, i'd like to think this would never be a situation for me. because i'd be completely honest with whoever i'd chose to have a relationship with from the START. my music is my life and i have many goals i want to accomplish before ever settling down. i would never make him chose between me and his career and i'd want him to chase after his dreams as well... so we'd always just work through it. if your boyfriend or girlfriend is making you choose between your school/career and them, then DUMP THEM QUICK! cause if someone really loves you and wants you to be happy, they'd take the extra mile to make it work- even if it'll be inconvenient... because at the end of the day, they can't see themselves with anyone but you. <3

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What would you say to someone who doesn't really have anything going on for them in their life? They are really looking for something to hold on to, to wake up for every morning?

first i'd say pray. to whatever religion they believe in. then i'd say "let it go". cause they're usually holding on to something negative that happened to them or blaming themselves for the position they're in. once they learn to let go and restart their lives, they'll learn to be happy again. that translates into how they act and treat other people, in turn, creating more opportunities for themselves in life. everyone is going to go through a time in their life when they feel NOTHING is going well for them, but it's a shaping of character to get through those tough times and makes the "great times" in our life that much sweeter. <3

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How do you have such a flat tummy?

i don't really. i just know how to pose for pictures. lol. i looooove to eat. but when i really do have to tone up, 40-50 sit ups a day does the trick. i eat whatever i want, but the minute i feel full, i stop. NO SECONDS, and DON'T FINISH THE WHOLE PLATE IF YOU'RE ALREADY FULL. save the rest for later. that is a good way to watch your weight without going on a crazy diet.

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Will your new Album be in stores? Or just on Itunes?

my album will release digitally on June 29th on iTunes and physically copies will follow a week after. you can order on my website and select stores. i'll release the stores as soon as everything is in place. :)

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