Thursday, February 18, 2010

What skincare do you use? Your skin looks hella smooth and flawlesss.

aww thanks. well for one, i'm no longer in my teen years. haha. so it helps that i'm pretty much over puberty. but i do still get occasional spots of acne here and there. so to prevent that, i use nuetrogena's acne stress control facewash at night and dr. belo's pore minimizing whitening facewash in the morning. i use two different kinds cause my skin reacts when i use the same thing over and over. the acne stress wash takes off my makeup and keeps the pimples away; and the pore minimizing wash evens out my skin tone and makes sure my pores don't clog up. i also moisturize A LOT cause i have really dry skin. (best after the shower when your pores are still open) i use cetaphil's moisturizing creme. NOT the lotion, the creme is much thicker. you can find all of these at your local drug store except the face wash from dr. belo. it's a special skincare line from the philippines. i'm pretty sure you can find them at most asian grocery stores though. wash your face EVERY NIGHT (even though i'm guilty of just going straight to sleep some nights haha) and drink lots of water. stay healthy too. no smoking or drinking too much. all that goes into how i take care of my skin and myself!

What do YOU want to know? :)

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