Saturday, November 20, 2010

bullies ruined my life , i became very shy and emotional , its hard to live , when a little thing can make u cry. D u know where they are now ? Have u forgve them ? Do u want to hurt them backk ? Ever wanted ?

i'm sorry to hear that love. i too became very shy and emotional so please know that you're not alone when it comes to bullies. i know there's days where you think it's too hard to live, but remember that the people who bully you find it hard to live too. they are hurting in their own skin and that's why they are lashing out at you. if they make someone else feel bad, they can block whatever problems they face in their own life. that's why the trick is to just ignore their hurtful words and actions and concentrate on becoming a better YOU. the people who bullied me when i was young are no where near in life to where i am today. and that makes me proud that i ignored them, chased my dreams and am now living happy and successfully while they're still stuck being childish. it's because they concentrated on making people's lives miserable instead of concentrating on finding their own happiness that they are where they are today. i've forgiven them a long time ago because i'd like to think that they must of had problems in their life to become a bully. and if i were to hurt them back, then i'd become a bully as well. so i just let it go and lived my life. i hope my words really reach you because i know what it's like to be unpopular and picked on. but don't ever forget you were put on this earth for a reason. and you're a great person. that's why you're hurting when someone is bullying you because you have a kind heart. don't lose sight of that. it get's better over time. just stay strong and keep chasing your dreams. love, michelle

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