Wednesday, October 13, 2010

hi michelle i wanted to know if u ever been bully in school ? n i jut wondering cuz the bullying subject has been in news for awhile

YES. i was bullied A LOT when i was younger. i was so short and skinny in grade school. i had braces and my mother insisted on giving me these crazy short bangs all the time. i had no style and i was the shyest person alive. i was bulled all through elementary and middle school. even got beat up once.

bullying is NOT A JOKE. luckily, i had VERY involved parents who always encouraged me to tell them what's going on. they would notice when i was acting weird and i even would pretend to be sick so i wouldn't have to face the mean kids at school. they got tired of me trying to skip school all the time, so i had to fess up what was going on. but my parents knew better than to tell the teachers or retaliate on my bulliers. instead, they encouraged me to stay away from them and learn how to ignore such ignorant actions.

my parents had me focus on my great qualities rather than what the bullies were picking on me for-- like my intelligence and my singing. my mom finally encouraged me to sing at our school talent show. and i thought, what the heck? the school can't hate on me more then they already do. haha. so i sang. and all of a sudden people forgot i was that small skinny girl with headgear... and they started remembering me for my voice. :)

BULLIES are just people who don't have enough self esteem in themselves to enjoy life. they NEED to put down others to give themselves importance. if you focus on accentuating YOUR OWN great QUALITIES... those haters will eventually get tired, see they can't break you and MOVE ON.

this was a GREAT question smiley1987, and i hope some people have learned something from my story.<3

What do YOU want to know? :)

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