Friday, September 3, 2010

How did you know you have this talent of yours , and what inspires you with your lyrics ?

i don't really know the moment i realized i had talent. i just remember people enjoying my singing so much. and i was HOOKED. lol. as a little girl, people would ask me to sing all the time! and they'd give me a dollar here and there... and i was like "man, i love this job". haha. but as i grew, it got tougher and a lot more work to "make a buck" in singing. but i never gave up and worked harder than ever; and to this day, i still LOVE it. more than ANYTHING. and i think those are the things that inspire my lyrics. i've grown A LOT since i was that little girl singing at family parties in the living room. i've gone through ups, downs, drama, heartache, fear, failure, triumphs, celebrations, happiness and love. i write what i know or what i've heard from close friends and family. i write what i feel or what i wish i could feel.

What do YOU want to know? :)

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