Sunday, October 12, 2008

if you haven't heard...

my audition went really well. =)

and 4 days later... i got the most amazing news.
they liked me & i was chosen to come back.

for two months.

leaving back for tokyo: october 20th.

i am so JUICED.
finally the break i've been waiting for. after hustling for so long. wanting to give up. thinking it would never happen... GOD works in mysterious ways.

NEVER give up on your dreams. NEVER.

i know i've still got a lot work ahead of me before i make it to the big time, but this is a great start... i am ready. i'm soooooo ready.

special thanks to all my friends & fam who've supported me from day one. i'm doing this for you guys too. keep me in your prayers pleeeease. love you. god bless.

- meesh.


オリビア由美 said...

First of all congratulations and second of all reading about your experiences in Japan and your vids on YouTube have become total inspiration for me. I am also subscribed to Krystal's YouTube. I hope you two and the other ladies training do your best!!! This will be a great opportunity for you, so never be discouraged. I will add you to my prayers and hope that I too can get on the level that you are in terms of making your career goals a reality.

-amanda- said...

Michelle.congrats...I'm happy you got to be a trainee for AVEX..after seeing your blog..I don't feel like giving up..I guess I didn't make it for Avex World Audition...not sure why..If you don't mind you can view my video..

I hope you can give me some advice=)