Sunday, October 12, 2008


Konichwa!! So it’s day 5 of my trip to Japan… and I’m ready to collapse. Haha.

I know some of ya’ll maybe thinking what the hell I’m doing all the way in Tokyo. So to make a long story short, I was discovered on Youtube by Mr. John Seikoon Lee who is a producer for AVEX Music Group. I guess with the boom of talent being found on the internet like Esmee Denters, Tynisha Keli & Cherice Pempengco… they wanted to join in on the fun of discovering new talent. So myself, and four other girls were sent here to train and be overseen by AVEX to evaluate us and determine if we could become artists for their label.

Despite the tiredness, I am having the time of my freakin’ LIFE. Muscles hurt on my body right now that I never even knew I had. I thought I’d be able to blog a lot more than this, but everytime i get back to my room… I just want to relax. Some moments I’m just so exhausted to realize where I am, but then I’ll get a chance to reflect (like in this blog) and think, “Oh my God. I’m actually going for what I’ve been wanting to do my ENTIRE life.” I feel so blessed right now to just have been given this opportunity no matter what the outcome of this trip will be.

AVEX has treated us so well from the moment we stepped off the plane. I wake up & go to sleep in a beautiful hotel with the most amazing view. Eat the BEST JAPANESE food I’ve ever had. (Shit’s on all the sushi joints back home, by the way.)

Train with elite voice and dance coaches in thee most beautiful studios I’ve ever been in. We walk through Tokyo everyday passing Harajuku Street with shopping spots everywhere just taking in the people and their culture. And I’m experiencing it all with some of the nicest staff from AVEX who constantly take care of our every need with four other amazing girls that I’m starting to get really close to, especially my roomie Krystle. She’s kind of my sanity right now because she’s the only other girl from the U.S.; San Diego to be exact. We get along so well, and she’s kinda like my piece of home away from home. =)

Speaking of… it’s time for me to wake her ass up cause we’re running a little late. Thanks for reading today and there’s definitely A LOT more to come. Wish me luck and pray that I make it through the day cause I can barely stand. Haha. Love you guys & I miss everyone back home.


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