Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm supposed to be in SD right now...

Holler. So... I should be gettin' off the plane and in San Diego right now. Eating duck (inside thing) with my homie Jeremy. But as luck would have it.... I GOT THE FLU!! Blah. I so badly wanted to get outta the Bay too and party hardy SD style cause ever since I've been back from Japan and the P.I. I've been itching to travel somewhere again. WHACK. Oh well. My health is top priority right now cause I've missed out on so much recording time and school laying in bed slowly letting the influenza virus take over. I'm trying to fight it though, so hopefully I'll be 110% by Monday.

Anyway, I'm a terrible blogger if you couldn't tell. But I finally uploaded pics from my cam and a shitload of stuff has happened recently so I'll be blogging here and there. Prolly won't be in order of events, but it'll be fun regardless.

Here's some randomness from my second stay in Japan...

In class. Japanese for BUSY PEOPLE. Haha. Exactly what I am.

Snack time! Rockstar. "Pork" Bun. Pocky.

What we walked home through every night. The lights were just BEAUTIFUL.

Kittles and I. <3 her.

BoA had the rehearsal studio after we did!!

Blog more after I make my bed. I love the feeling of fresh sheets. Don't you?

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