Wednesday, March 4, 2009


so i went to best buy today with eddy. met up with tiff and ray cause they were in the area. we were there for about an hour just wandering around. out of bored-ness because eddy was taking too long to decide what to buy... THIS HAPPENED.


classic. HAHAHAHAHA. people were actually watching it. and the cashiers were like... WTH?! it was pretty funny. but then this hater best buy employee came over and stopped it. someone get him some more HATERADE.

so tiff and i walked around some more and looked for more places to put our faces.


my mission was to put it on every computer, but tiff was getting embarrased of the stares we were getting. LOL. next time. muahahaha.

<3, meesh.

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Pudge said...

hahaha i miss doing that at best buy...ima do that when i get my camera next week!