Wednesday, April 15, 2009


hi guys! so...i have a bunch of announcements to make!

- first and foremost, thank you guys so much for keeping up with me all this time. i know it's taken me awhile to get my project off the ground but it's COMINGGGG finallyyyy!! all my hardwork is paying off so please, please, please be patient with me.

- secondly, i'm in and out of studios working hard for you guys and NEW SONGS will be up very soon. i'll put out a few tracks while i work on the album to give ya'll a taste. gimme 'til the end of this month!!

- thirdly, i've updated my calendar with a boom of performances and appearances coming up. thank you to all the promoters and companies bringing me out, gig opportunities and all the support i'm feeling right now. please come out to my shows because i LOVE meeting you guys. =)

- lastly... today i got the confirmation that... I'M OPENING FOR DAY 26 & J. HOLIDAY ON MAY 7TH @ THE COW PALACE IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!! tickets will be available on TICKETMASTER.COM.

i'm very excited for all the wonderful things i have coming up. don't forget:
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