Thursday, May 21, 2009


AND SO IS MY SINGLE!!! yaaay... hi ya'll. sorry i haven't been blogging lately. it's so hard for me to find time these days. i've been kinda transforming my blogs into video blogs, so check out my youtube to see what i've been up to. ( i'm already up to episode #3 on "BEHIND THE SCENES" episodes!! i will be uploading a video every SUNDAY from now on! =)

so... my single drops this summer and i'm so anxious. there's a lot of work that goes into production of a song, so it's taking us awhile to get it out. we just want it to be perfect and QUALITY, so we're having a bunch of different ears listen to it to get the right mix down. i hope you guys LOVE it as much as we do. the song is FIRE!!

i've definitely got a great team holding me down right now and i feel so blessed to be working with a group that believes in me so much. shout out to TAPE VAULT RECORDS, HYDE STREET STUDIOS, FLAVORISTIC, SMASH HITTAS, CLYDE CARSON, MANNYDAENGINEER, SCOTTYDOO, DJDEEDOT and everyone else getting down on my projects. i'm working really hard, but also having the time of my life. i'm pushing myself to be an artist and not just a singer.

i feel like FINALLY, everything is coming together. Lord knows i'm not an overnight success story and i've put in more than 10 years just to get to where i am. but without all the trials and tribulations i went through, i wouldn't be as strong as i am today and ready to take on my dreams FULL FORCE.

well, that's all for now kids... i'll definitely update you guys on what i can. but follow me on twitter to get all the latest! (

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